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2017 National Hypnotherapy Conference   24th – 25th June 2017         

   Evolution of  hypnotherapy in an ever changing world?

Our theme this year relates to….

  • New research in hypnosis, neuroscience, NLP, etc.
  • New techniques in hypnotherapy and/or mind therapies
  • New ways of increasing or marketing your business.
  • Existing techniques, methods, marketing, etc. presented in new and dynamic ways.
  • New Legal Regulations and Standards

Our premier two-day national conference is the place to be this year, more than any other year.  
We are leaders in terms of our profession and we now have neuroscience evidencing what we
already know and do on a daily basis.   This amazing event gives you, the leading edge practitioner,
an opportunity to network, learn, experience and interact with other leading practitioners in your
field and showcase your knowledge to a broader audience.

With the speed at which technology is growing, as business owner we need to keep up to date with
these advances in a way that supports us to grow our business and our profession and continue to
add value to our clients. Some of the question we may ask ourselves is how do we keep up?
How can we continue to support our clients in a rapidly changing environment? What are the legal
implications? How is it logistically possible?

We have also witnessed huge advances in the ease and speed with which knowledge is available
through technology: the internet; mobile phones; social media and the effect these have had on
client knowledge and expectation, marketing, etc.  To have a successful business we need to keep
up with at least some of this technology.

You have two opportunities to attend – in person or online!

Yes, the conference can be live streamed to your computer!

For full details of the Conference and to register online…

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